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ITEM DESCRIPTION : BW type glands, CW type glands, E1W type glands, A1/A2 type glands, Alco type from 20mm to 90mm.
APPLICATION : Suitable for all plastic & rubber sheathed cable. Indoor & Outdoor Applications.
SURFACE TREATMENT : Brass & Nickel Finish.

A1/A2 Cable Gland
A1A2 cable glands
A1A2 cable gland
AXE Cable Gland
AXE cable glands
AXE cable gland
BWC Cable Gland
BWC cable glands
BWC cable gland
BWL Cable Gland
BWL cable glands
BWL cable gland
CW Cable Gland
CW cable glands
CW cable gland
D1W Cable Gland
D1W cable glands
D1W cable gland
z E1W Cable Gland
E1W cable glands
E1W cable gland
Marine Cable Gland
marine cable gland
We offer Marine Cable Glands with nuts and rubber washers. Marine cable glands are available with nickel plated or chrome plated finish.
We can manufacture according to customized specifications.
PG Cable Gland
PG cable gland
To DIN - 46320/46255
Available with strain relief facility with round or hex intermediate sockets. Available in long and short anti threads
Gland Size : PG 9 TO PG 56